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10. února 2007 v 16:26 | Kejsink@
Xray Nurse Doctor Delivery Lifeguard Fireman Judge Gardener Pool Boy Construction Worker Sweeping Mopping Mailman Wink Thumbs Down Thumbs Up No Shaving Shave Face Hairy Brushing Sweaty No Flossing Contacts Dolled Up Eyebrows Baby Sleeping Falling Asleep Bundled Snowstorm Waxy Sickly Shiver Money Nerd Whistle Hello Tanny Bubble Bath Big Hug Clapping Hands Picnic Beach In The Pool Sprinkler BBQ Light Bulb Bad Gift Lint Pocket Ice Cream Cone You’re The Best Thank You Let’s See A Movie Crutches Smiley Sunglasses Shopping Spree Call Me Scrapbooking Gardening Coffee Drinker Miss U Operator I’m A Star I So Rock Holy Moly Chinese New Year Chinese New Year Valentine's Day Valentine's Day Valentine's Day Valentine's Day Ski Jump Eating Pizza Laughing 1 Thumbs Up Love Letter Tongue Holy Moly Electric Thank You It's Over 1 Spaz Spaz I So Rock Girls Rule Hi There, Sweetheart Hi There, Sweetheart Hello Big Hug Scuba Diver ROTFL Kisses Polar Bear I Love You More Hippie
I Love You Miss U I Wove You Blow Kiss Chocolate Valentine Be Mine Teddy 1 3D Cupid Penguin Cuddle Be My Valentine Love Gaze


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